Fast Internet.

No Fibre? No Worries! Try WiLink’s Wireless Broadband

WiLink wireless broadband brings fast internet speeds to areas that don’t have access to fibre. Using our specialised corridor shaped, high-speed wireless solution, we place transmitters at strategic points in your neighbourhood and equip you with a device to connect your home to the network. This simple setup offers speeds up to 20Mbps with no fuss.

Our Packages

Per month
Up to
10 Mbps Down
10 Mbps Up
Per month
Up to
20 Mbps Down
10 Mbps Up
Per month
Up to
20 Mbps Down
20 Mbps Up

What you get

  • Fast Uncapped Unshaped Connection.
  • A Month to Month contract
  • A free CPE device with ethernet connection for your router
*T’s & C’s apply.

Are there setup fees?

R0.00 is all it takes to get you connected with WiLink. We come in and manage the installation and setup of a CPE device which we supply free of charge. If you ever decide to cancel your account, we simply collect our CPE and Router from you.

How to get connected

  • Step 1
    Check your area coverage
    We are covering new areas every day. Simply email your physical address to us to find out if your street is covered and if not what the estimated rollout plan is.
  • Step 2
    Sign up with WiLink
    Engage in a chat with our friendly helpdesk and choose one of our several affordable, month to month packages. Once selected we'll take it from there and get you connected.
  • Step 3
    WiLink installation
    Once you are signed up, we come and conduct a survey to confirm performance and install your CPE device on your premises. Then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your new connection!

Contact Us

Contact us today to get started with WiLink in your area.

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